Name: Sakamaki
Age: 21
Nationality: Japan 
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 110 bl
Status: 34C 25 35
Hair: Black
Eye: Black
Language: Japanese
In addition to adult industry, Sakamaki's career has also included roles in Tokyo escort premier services for general clients, A healing escort in Tokyo of young buds growing day by day with a healthy attitude and serious personality. She has a pure heart that is innocuous and not stained with any color and a sense of ecstasy surely washes and heals the heart of the founder Let's spend time with everyone from now on Sakamaki that shines brilliantly grows, infinite possibilities that do not know that we will stay abundant, endlessly support with gentle cheers and warm gaze, by all means together with beautiful Sakamaki, you would be very happy if you could watch over it.

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