Name: Chiho
Age: 25
Nationality: Japan 
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 110 bl
Status: 34C 25 35
Hair: Black
Eye: Black
Language: Japanese/ English


When it comes to the bedroom Chiho has the moves to seal the deal, Chiho is a bit of an expert between the sheets which means there's nothing she crave more than making your fantasy a reality. Chiho provides only a genuine companionship. 

Chiho can speak English and Germany a bit in a Western-style manner, She is good at Japanese as the best. Originally Chiho interested in beauty and modelling, she has been to Top university such as Harvard, this is her first time to make it "works". Also, she loves being able to feel it to men, "She can not bear it! "Feeling good! "&" She wants to see you again, The goal is to be a famous Japanese model who can think about it. She will make every effort to be a single Tokyo escort as best as possible so that she can reward you for your valuable time and thank you for book Miss Chiho!!

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