Name: Chiho
Age: 25
Nationality: Japan 
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 110 bl
Status: 34C 25 35
Hair: Black
Eye: Black
Language: Japanese/ English


A vivacious yet gentle young woman, Celebrity Tokyo escort Chiho is an intelligent and accomplished Japanese escort model. Rather than following the usual route of university and career, Tokyo escorts Chiho has been an entrepreneur since she was young. With a portfolio of real estate all over the world, Tokyo VIP Chiho’s jet set, perpetual vacation style life is intoxicating.

She’s always relaxed, friendly and cheerful – no wonder! Elegant and free-spirited, escort Tokyo Chiho loves harmony, luxury, and beauty. She’s living the perfect life for her ideal. The only thing missing sometimes is wonderful companionship. So, when she approached us to become a travel companion, she was instantly intrigued.

She has the life experience and breeding to accommodate any business or social function. With a stunning glow and a light ‘purity’ about her, Japan escort Chiho is the quintessential brown eyed. Playful yet thoughtful, carefree yet compassionate, spontaneous yet grounded. What a fascinating young woman.

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