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Tokyo Escorts Management

It is difficult for us to control the occurrence of this kind of emotion and the sense of situation that arises instantly, let alone the so-called "Tokyo escorts management". The emotional texture at this stage is prior to conscious cognition, and may exist in us. Subconsciously, throughout the body. For example, I once met a client who said that he didn’t know why, he trembled all over his body and wanted to cry when he saw scenes in TV series about orphans and the separation of mothers and children. , He has always had knots (knots) about this matter in his subconscious mind, but he forgot about it after a long time, but he hid in his subconscious mind but did not forget it, so that it affects the interaction of intimate relationships now. So the words "don't be angry" are rarely effective for those who have emotions at this stage.

But once "emotions" pop up and surface in our consciousness, after "awareness", we find that we are currently covered or driven by certain emotions, and Tokyo escort is possible to bring them into control and management. Emotional management" At this stage, the emotion at this time emerges on the surface of our consciousness. After awareness, it becomes an object, which makes it easier for us to control it and integrate it into the consciousness level. The emotional texture at this time is controllable. of. There are many methods of awareness work, which can be roughly divided into "self-awareness" and "others' assistance in awareness". The latter is one of the tasks of psychologists when they face clients. As the saying goes, "The authorities are confused, but the bystanders are clear." It is sometimes difficult for the client to perceive what kind of emotion he is in. The psychologist makes the client aware of the current emotion through appropriate questioning. Of course, this questioning is based on in-depth observation of the client. For example, when the client talked about the death of his father in the past, his voice became choked up, his speech slowed down, and he was unable to continue his narration.

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