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The Best Cuisines in the World: Japanese

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Along with Japan’s varied landscape of pristine mountains, lush countryside and long stretches of coast, from Hokkaido in the north to the southern islands of Okinawa, comes a great diversity of produce. Even within each city, local specialties abound with each place offering its own variations of classic Japanese plates. The country’s affluence of Michelin starred restaurants is testament to this culinary prestige, placing it among the best cuisines in the world. We took a look at the food of four cities in Japan, and the Michelin star restaurants to seek out within them. More info

Home to one of the world’s best known seafood auctions, Tsukiji Market, Tokyo is considered one of the country’s top regions for sushi. But this isn’t the city’s only signature fare. In the sumo wrestling district Ryōgoku, it’s the hearty hot pot stew Chanko nabethat draws diners in, while the Tsukishima neighborhood serves up monjayaki, a grilled pancake with shredded cabbage, meat and seafood.


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