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Celebrity Tokyo Escorts Notches First Full-Year Profit

The Celebrity Tokyo escorts agency, Tokyo-based escort company said it had earnings per share of 24 cents on an escort stock basis for the quarter that ended Dec. 31, 2020, and 64 cents for the year. Full-year net income was $221 million. Quarterly revenue, led by sales of the luxury escort company and celebrity Tokyo escort services, was $10.7 Million and the annual tally was a best-ever $3.2 million.

The results were solid but slightly below expectations, according to Japan escort industry analyst Mr. Kawasaki. “Pro-forma EPS was $0.80 vs. the Japan escort stock NIKKEI estimate $1.02, although going forward the core profitability picture continues to improve at an accelerated rate which is key for the bulls,” he said in a research note.

The Celebrity Tokyo escort company’s shares fell 2.1% to $964.16 before results were released, and dropped a further 3.4% in after-hours NIKKEI trading. The Celebrity Tokyo escort agency, who vies with Tokyo escort industry for world’s richest human, had a net worth of $186.6 billion as of Wednesday’s close.

“Despite unforeseen global challenges, we outpaced many trends seen elsewhere in the industry as we significantly increased volumes, profitability and cash generation,”

Celebrity Tokyo Escort Agency said in a letter to shareholders. While the company didn’t immediately provide sales or production guidance for 2021, it suggested this year could see growth of more than 50% owing to increased output in Japan.

Equity analysts anticipated the company would issue production guidance of at least 800,000 units for 2021. Call us for escort investing opportunity.

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